Host Your Own Virtual Tasting (Deposit)

Host Your Own Virtual Tasting (Deposit)

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Host your own virtual wine tasting with us! Gather your friends, family, or coworkers and enjoy a wine tasting no matter where you're all located.

This deposit that goes toward your wine bundle and will initiate the planning of the wine tasting that you want to host. As soon as you submit your deposit, we'll reach out and get to planning!

How do we plan your virtual tasting?
- Once you select your wine tasting theme (see options below), we work with you to select 2-4 different wines to send out to your guests
- Select a date and time for your virtual wine party
- We'll create a link in our shop for you to send to your guests who can then purchase their own wine bundles
- We'll set an "order by" date so your invitees know when they need to purchase their wine bundles by.
- You invite your friends to the party and we'll communicate back to you which friends purchase the bundles.
- We ship out your guest's wine bundles 7-10 days before your tasting so the wine arrives with plenty of time before your tasting!

What virtual wine tasting themes can we put together for you?
- Wine Trivia!
- Geographic variety comparisons - For instance, what does a Californian Sauvignon Blanc taste like compared to a French Sauvignon Blanc?
- Wine and Paint nights - let's get crafty! We'll work with our artist partners and paint a design you choose.
- Wine and Food pairing classes
- Wine from specific regions
- Blind Wine tasting classes
- Wine tasting with a specific winemaker - learn directly from our favorite winemakers!
- Unique varietals - ever wonder what Teroldego, Picpoul, or Pinotage is? Let's taste them together!
- Whatever other theme you can imagine, we'll put together any kind of virtual wine party you like!